If you had a choice of where you would want to live, where would this be? The COVID-19 pandemic has made some changes in  people’s perspective of the ‘where’ and the ‘why’.

Do you want to move from a large city?

Do you have the flexibility to work virtually?

Have you dreamed of leaving your current job to own your own business?

These are questions you may want to consider answering now.

Livability.com  (https://livability.com/ar/eureka-springs) helps people find their perfect place to live. Pick a place and you get some good information and statistics. What about the aesthetic reasons?  The artistic, visual, and appealing reasons.

Cabins in Eureka


Kim Williams lives and works in Eureka Springs AR. Here are a few of her ‘aesthetic’ reasons.  

  1. Beaver Lake and White River natural beauty within minutes from town 
  2. Small town atmosphere. Close to one of the largest growing areas in the country.
  3. Eureka Springs is a tourist town. There are many unique festivals and events to take part in without leaving town. 
  4. Several hiking and biking areas. Several fishing and kayaking areas
  5. Tons of historic architecture and charm.


These are reason why Kim loves where she lives. This is why people visit Eureka Springs. Unique lodging, quiet atmosphere and a charm that you will fall in love with.

Eureka Sunset Cabins

2020 Traveler’s Choice Award Winner

Eureka Springs has become a haven for cabins and treehouse lodging. A prime example would be Eureka Sunset Cabins. Luxury amenities add to the appeal for guests. Include 6 manicured acres and a separate home for innkeeper’s living, can’t do much better! If you are looking for cabins in Eureka Springs for sale, look no farther. 

Owning a hospitality business is rewarding. You work with people that are ‘on vacation’. They want to have a great time in a wonderful environment. Customers love being pampered! Plus, you get to live in a wonderful place where people want to visit!

Take a trip to to look at these cabins in Eureka Springs. You will discover the natural beauty that surrounds the town and that Eureka Springs vibe that you have to experience to appreciate.